• Who we are

    a. We’re your SaaS-based full-service Big Data Shop – connecting unstructured data like Twitter feeds to structured data like Equities trading on an ongoing basis, curating the Insights and training you to find what you need across Data Silos.

    b. We develop algorithms with statistical rigor and create data-driven strategy for a wide variety of customers in Finance, Marketing, eCommerce affinity recommendations, and more.

    c. Looking for a great Data Visualization ? Need some on-site training on Data Governance and Best Practices ? Let our team review your pain points and backfill your needs to get you into Big Data Insights quickly.

Why choose us

We're ready - Our team of experts drawn from a wealth of knowledge, training and experience to present you with the best options to realize your goal.
We’re fast - BigMarketlytics’s data integration and analytics platform gets you moving asap.
We’re certified - Let our team of Financial Analyst, Digital Marketing Strategists, Quant-Certified Data Scientists, and Hadoop-Certified data integration experts turn your Data Problems into a competitive edge.